EAGC- G-Soko Grain Trade Business Directory Launch

The East African Grain Council in conjunction with the G-Soko Platform will be launching a Grain Trade Business Directory on Wednesday 20th July 2017.

The Launch which will be happening at the Sidelines of the UNCTAD meeting being held here in Kenya for the 1st Time comes as EAGC marks their 10th anniversary,  celebrating 10 years of achievements in advocating for and facilitating an efficient, structured, inclusive and profitable grain trade in the Eastern Africa region and emerging  a decade stronger.

The Grain Trade Business Directory is yet another service from the Eastern Africa Grain Council, primarily for members, and other interested stakeholders which is inspired by the development and launch of the EAGC – GSoko Grain Trading System and significantly informed by dire need for business contacts.

Over the years, East African Grain Council has been facilitating trade under the GSoko Business to Business (B2B) forums, and this has necessitated publication of comprehensive and relevant Trade information to the Grain stakeholders and other interested people. The directory features a listing of EAGC members by sector, by country – producers, traders, processors and also the Affiliate and Associate membership categories.

The directory also provides details of the names of the organizations, key contact persons and contact addresses as well as a mention of the various business activities and grains/cereals handled within the value chains and what a particular firm or farmer, producer or group has to offer for trade through GSoko. It also offers advertising opportunity for the members and stakeholders to advertise and create visibility for their products.

The circulation of this Directory is targeted to the core industry players who require the information and the contacts contained herein. In order to increase the reach and circulation, an electronic version will be available through the various EAGC websites. EAGC will also launch a mobile based version of the directory through a mobile app for wider promotion and advertising.

The Directory is a support service to complement the GSoko Grain Trading System, and will go a long way in informing the users of GSoko – buyers and sellers of grains and related products and services –about the available opportunities, service and products for grain trade business in the region.

GSoko services include warehouse certification, automation of the certified warehouses to electronically receive, grade, standardize and warehouse the deposited commodities, issue electronic G-Notes to grain depositors, issue of credit using the G-Note as security, purchase of farm inputs, provision of an online trade platform for buying and selling of warehoused grains, a clearing and settlement system, release and delivery as well as a dispute resolution mechanism.

G-Soko Grain Trading System has been designed to address the needs of the sector players across the value chain including farmers – majority of who are smallholders, grain traders, grain processors/millers and other service providers including financial institutions, inspection agencies as well as suppliers of grain handling and processing equipment.

Source: Soko Directory

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