G-Soko Warehouse operations

For a warehouse to participate in G-Soko operations, it must be certified by EAGC. The following are steps that describe the certification process:

  • The warehouse operator completes and submits the application form. The form can be filled here
  • Upon receipt of your application, EAGC will contact you to confirm receipt of the documentation and will assign an inspector to carry out the physical inspection. You will be contacted by the EAGC inspector or officer to discuss scheduling options and gather specific data regarding the characteristics of your facility. Please note that full payment for certification must be received prior to scheduling the onsite inspection.
  • Prior to the inspection, the applicant should read the EAGC warehouse certification criterion and understands that the warehouse will be evaluated based on the best practices outlined in the criteria. The warehouse certification criteria can be downloaded here
  • The warehouse will undergo thorough inspection and if it meets the EAGC warehouse standards. The inspection process involves classification of the warehouse basing on the existing grain handling facilities, the personnel, insurance, and warehouse management practices.
  • Warehouses meeting the EAGC warehouse standards are certified but must sign with EAGC the warehouse management agreement that contains rules and regulations on warehouse operations and commodity care practices.
  • The certificate is issued to the warehouse operator and the installation of G-Soko applications is scheduled.