Agrodealer Application

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Section A: Applicant Details

Section B: Service Details

Section C: Terms and Conditions

I/We undertake that any misstatement or misrepresentation or suppression of facts in connection with this application for partnership or breach of any undertaking or condition of admission to partnership may entail rejection of our application or expulsion of our partnership.

I/We hereby state that the above mentioned particulars are true, correct and complete to the best of my/ our knowledge and information. I/We state that no relevant material fact has been suppressed while applying for the partnership on EAGC G-Soko.

I/We shall pay the required fees and charges to G-Soko and submit the necessary documents as stated in the rules and regulations and any other document as required by the G-Soko for my/ our seeking the Partnership on the G-Soko System. I/We also agree to provide G-Soko with all such documents as may be called for and be required from time to time. I/We hereby undertake that I/we will immediately notify the G-Soko of any change of information provided in the application.